At Parnell Workshop we are experts when it comes to cambelt maintenance and replacement. Just like any component in your car, the belt can, and will, wear out in time.

You do not want your cambelt to snap as it can be the cause of major vehicle problems. Such a snap can cause substantial damage to other parts of your vehicle engine.  Our team of mechanics have years of experience working with cambelt problems, so they know them inside out.  They are ready to replace your cambelt if needed.


The following are generally good indicators that your cambelt is close to snapping:

  • Scraping and scratching noises occurring once you start your car’s engine.
  • Loss of power to the engine.
  • The car can’t generally be restarted and you shouldn’t attempt to restart it either.
  • If your cambelt is over 10 years old or has done over 100,000 KMs, it could well be in danger of snapping due to its age which will affect its wear.